Monday, May 18, 2015

Un Rêve


VEDA leather top
VEDA pants
Vintage wool beret
Topshop silk neck scarf

Long lost photos from my last trip to Paris in March. Such a wonderfully breezy trip. Even the bathroom in our little boutique hotel was chic, but far from frilly. Our mornings in Paris felt effortless. I hardly brushed my hair. Didn't over think my outfits. Hardly wore makeup. Tied some color around my neck. Wore shoes that didn't kill me. I wasn't looking to impress, I was just looking to explore and enjoy. It's too hard to compete with the French streets and architecture anyways. They overshadow everything. But they also make all your worries go away. 

I came across this quote in a French cafe during this trip:

Faire de sa vie un rêve et de ses rêves une réalité

Make one's life a dream and ones dreams a reality. Super simple and straightforward and quite cheesy as a matter of fact. I've thought about this a lot lately and whether I do really take this to heart or not. Think about this, if our dreams really did become reality, what would we have to dream of next? How will we continue to keep ourselves fulfilled and hungry and inspired to keep making progress if we have finally reached the peak of living our dreams out in reality? What do you guys think? 

I have a lot of blog readers ask me questions on how I have come to live my dream as a reality, and how they can do the same. It's very flattering to hear, and very encouraging to keep on doing what I am doing, of course. But at the same time, sometimes I have to stop and think . . . but am I really living out my dream? Am I there yet? Is what I am doing right now really dream worthy? Am I completely content with my life? These aren't negative questions at all. More like questions that help me put my life into perspective. My life in perspective to the lives of those who view my life from afar. And then my life in perspective to my life before what I am doing now and the life I might come to have after this. There will always be an endless amount of questions. 

Personally I think that a life fulfilled is one made up of consecutive fulfillments of small dreams and goals. It keeps the hunger for progress fresh as opposed to cutting it off with one huge bang. No one wakes up overnight and meets success. And if they do, then good for them, but then what is the next step to keep the growth going? I'm still growing so much and learning so much as a person, from my experiences and my interactions and the flashes of passions that I find within me and throw myself into. My cravings change every single day. I want to do this, I want to do that. I want to feel this, I want to feel that. I can't keep track sometimes, but without these heaps of inspirations that hit me on a daily basis, I wouldn't be fully happy. 

So onto the next thing. Or back tracking to the last thing I left off of. Or back to the thing that I forgot about two years, five years, ten years back and bringing it back to life today. No matter what it is, as long as it keeps you fired up and moving forward, even just a step, it's the right thing to do. Even a step backwards can in turn become 5 leaps forward. Life is too short to just settle on one big dream and leave it at that. Life is a succession of explorations that are meant to be shared. 

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Unknown said...

Lovely shot!
You're amazing and so chic!
Super cool!!!!!

With love,
Elisa - My Fantabulous World

Unknown said...

I was just listening to a podcast last week about this. If we met all of our expectations of what we want our life to be like would we really just stop trying to do more, to make our lives even better? It's a really great pod. Here's the link to it if you feel like checking it out:

Jonathan Fields is kind of a genius.

Unknown said...

such cute pics! love the hat


Beautiful shots! X

AVY said...

I think Paris is better for you than for me. Closer to a nightmare than a dream.


Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute pics

Unknown said...

Your texts are really inspiring and it's great to know your point of view about life. You look so parisian in these photos

Rachel Ang said...

Love the Parisian vibes!

Rachel x

Unknown said...

love the photos! they look really adorable <3
xx Ama


Nikki Williams said...

you are so beautiful!
xx nikki