Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sweet Home Alabama


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So, so much love for the South. I decided to start with the pictures I took in Birmingham, Alabama during my road trip with my sister Natalie (of Natalie off Duty), Rachel (of That's Chic) and Stephanie (of Honey N Silk). It was the one city on our road trip that we got to spend the most time during the day in, as opposed to night. We had what felt like less than a day (including driving) in each city (New Orleans, Birmingham and Nashville) before making our way to Manchester, TN for Bonnaroo. Man, what a trip! I couldn't tell if it all went by in a flash, or if it felt like we were on the road for a month straight. In the end, we did it and we made it to Bonnaroo unscathed. The first thing we did when we finally crossed the city limit for Birmingham from New Orleans, was pull over on the side of the freeway and take our shirts and bras off. Let me tell you, we got a whole lot of honks from passing trucks. What a free feeling though! You know me, always up for a chance to get a naked. We arrived in Birmingham on a super rainy and thunderous night. We were tired and hungry and not sure where to go on our first night in town. Food was obviously number one on our itinerary, our bellies screaming for sustenance even after all the deliciousness we ate just a few hours before in New Orleans. The thing is, we all wanted salads because everything we've been eating prior has been fried and extremely fatty. But hey, that the reason you come to the South right? We ended up hitting up Carrigan's Public House, an industrial gastropub and cocktail bar with an impeccable craft beer list. A twist on classic bar food. We went for the healthier options, but apparently, the corn dog here is really amazing! After food, we went to check out the much talked about the Color Tunnel. A trippy experience for sure! You'll see once I get our road trip video together. There are a few in the city; former abandoned underpasses built in 1931 brought back to life with thousands LED lights that all change to the beat of some sort of psychedelic melody. It gives the city's pedestrians and commuters more reason to use these underpasses, especially so at night, when they shine the brightest. 

A little thrift shopping at the local Salvation Army got us up early, as we didn't have much time left in town, and there was still at least two things we had to see and do! I got this striped top at the Salvation Army for $1! As a group, we settled on spending the last two hours of our time there at Oak Mountain State Park. It was an extremely hot and humid day, and we needed a body of water ASAP. A beach on a lake? SOLD. All the locals were hanging out with their families. The lake water dotted with colorfully patterned inner tubes and blow up floaty chairs. Not sure if this was the most exciting thing to do on a sticky summer day in Alabama, but it sure felt like exactly the right thing to do. Lazy afternoons splashing around. Mosquitos buzzing around our ears even though we smothered ourselves in bug spray. BBQ on the porch. Time feels so much slower here for some reason, even though we had to rush, but only because we had a day. In reality, there is no reason to rush. Just reason to enjoy.

Oh man, and how can I forget Saw's BBQ? This was high on our list for the get-go. It closed early the night before, so we made sure to hit it up before we started our drive to Nashville.  Their original pulled pork options on the menu are what everyone really raves about. I'm a chicken loving girl, so of course I went for the classic BBQ chicken smothered in an impeccable white sauce that literally blew my mind. With a side of mac n' cheese and a refreshing pile of coleslaw, and an ice cold beer, I left that place the happiest of campers. 

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Carina G. said...

Such great photos !


courtzmelv said...

Fabulous photos! You look incredible and that food looks soooo delicious!

Courtney | http://courtzmelv.com

Unknown said...

These photos are great, I love how they all follow a theme. Those Teva's are styled perfectly with your outfit as well!


AVY said...

Everytime I see pictures of you I swear I've been sent back to the 70's.

/ Avy

Vale ♥ said...

Wonderful pics, so perfect ! Love your look and the food :)

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Holly Read said...

These pictures are gorgeous, I'd love to go on a road-trip in the US one day!x
Holly x



Wow this looks amazing! Beautiful pictures x


Lenya said...

Love thse photos, esp the retro vibe. Cool.

Rachel said...

The colors here are so nice in all these pictures! Love this post and now totally want to visit Alabama! xo

Unknown said...

love that top


LBG said...

Such fun photos! Looks like an awesome trip, the food looks so good


Unknown said...

These photos perfectly could be from a 70s summer. The outfit can't be more cool and retro, adore the beautiful top and how it looks with these denim shorts. Amazing photos

Unknown said...

Ow wow that looks amazing so jealous of your trip, love the simplicity of your shorts and tank top

x Sasha
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Unknown said...

Would love it if they had a different govenor, but Alabama cities ain't half bad. Next time you're in the South hit up a Mellow Mushroom for pizza and order the Cosmic Karma. So so good!

Mariel Parton said...

what a fun road trip Dylana, this post has made my yearning for an American road trip even greater!


Unknown said...

OMG, what a fun TRIP! I love that you all stopped to take your shirts/bras off for that freeing moment-so liberating! The food looks amazing BTW.

Carmen Henry said...

The food looks amazing!


Unknown said...

I love reading your blog, discovering places from the other side of the ocean, knowing your stories and your style!keep writing girl!

kisses from Italy :)


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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