Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Quintessential Denim Mini


Rebecca Taylor blouse // SHOP SIMILAR
Topshop denim miniskirt// SHOP HERE
She + Lo leather purse // SHOP HERE
Schutz sandals // SHOP HERE
Ela Rae choker necklace // SHOP SIMILAR

When I'm not exactly sure what I should be wearing, or I'm in a rush, or I just don't have enough patience to really give too much of a damn, I'll throw on the denim mini and blouse combination and get on with my life. I already know it flatters my figure, so check mark that off the list. It's always comfortable (as long as the skirt isn't TOO short). On hot days, it's literally a breeze. Not sure how much I can talk about the perfectionism that is the denim-skirt-blouse-combo because it's pretty straightforward, but there you go. You'll get it once you try it. In other news, I can't seem to find the sandals that I'm wearing in this post and I've looked EVERYWHERE. Gladiator sandals are my summertime jam. In other other news, sorry this post is a bit boring. I've been dealing with redesigning the blog right now, as well as cramming in a bunch of work before Governor's Ball this weekend and our road trip from New Orleans to Alabama to Tennessee right afterwards for guess what . . . Bonnaroo!! You guys are calling me crazy or something I know. I'm just going along for the ride wherever the wind will take me. Some cool collabs are bringing me to some awesome places that I've never been to before, so I'm very, very grateful for that. My eyes and my camera are going to have some treats to take in, that's for sure. So here it goes!

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Nikki Williams said...

that top is gorgeous!

xx nikki

Unknown said...

love the denim mini with this top -- great look

rossana said...

so chic love your strappy sandals !

Carmen Antal said...

I love it!
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Marta said...

Great skirt and sandals! Lovely look!

sara said...

Love the skirt, check out my blog

Lauren Dimesky said...

Wow over the sandals! Great pairing with the mini!! xo

adorn la femme

Natali said...

Oh my, this outfit is wonderful and suits you 100%!! LOVE your denim skirt.

Amanda said...

It really is such a sweet, effortless combo! You always come up with these sort of the looks in the best possible way!


LBG said...

Great photos! Very cool look, love the shirt! Lovely blog! Thanks for stopping by mine

Stephanie said...

Perf skirt and bag! Love!


cherieedle said...

Cute little shoes, looking fab :)

Patricia G. said...

Lovely!! Love your style! The skirt, the shirt and the sandals are amazing!

Rachel Ang said...

nice post!! you better hunt down those sandals! They are great!!!

Rachel x