Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Unlocking The Keys


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Finally! First post from my Key West, Florida trip with my sister and two friends. This was my first time visiting the Keys, and I really didn't know what to expect. I just heard from a few people that the island feels a little bit like New Orleans and has that Southern hospitality that I haven't had the chance to get to know just yet. So happy that we got to jump into the unique island culture of Key West on a whim! We stayed at the brand new Gates Hotel, a retro meets modern hotel about a 25 minute bike ride from the downtown area. We started our mornings off by the pool area, working on our tans and catching up on books that we have kept dog eared on the same chapter for far too many months. It was so nice to finally have downtime to relax! This is usually not the norm for my sister and I. 

We explored the island by bike and got to see up close and personal the gorgeous architecture that makes up the island. Colonial-style homes covered in candy-colored paint. Once downtown, I almost felt like I was on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. Rum was flowing freely. Live music was spilling out of every bar and restaurant. By night, the city were filled with people dancing their way through the streets. Everyone smiling and relaxed. This island seemed almost a little too happy! High on the sugar from too many key lime pies. Stoked on a life full of simplicity and good music (so many throwbacks!!) and good rum. The colors matched the vibe! 

Think New Orleans meets Las Vegas meets laid back island life. It was quite a spectacle that was special in its own, unique way. And getting around by bike allowed us to find hidden nooks and crannies, most of them delightful and bright by day, some creepy and mysterious by night. Apparently, Key West is one of the most haunted cities in the country! Not gonna lie, I may or may not have seen a shadow of what looked like the late Ernest Hemingway on the second floor window of his Key West home we rode past on our first day in town. A little creepy yet intriguing. We didn't take a ghost tour (next time!), but I did my research. But today's modern day pirates (party animals) of Key West balance out the endless amount of ghost stories surrounding this place. 


Juliette Laura said...

I LOVE these photos! SO SO fun!


Unknown said...

I want those shorts!


AVY said...

Looks like summer.

/ Avy

Unknown said...

Those are such beautiful photos! Makes you feel like summer <3
xx Ama


Stephanie said...

Awesome pics, looks beautiful!! I love that first pic of you so much fun!



Unknown said...

These photos have turned out perfect, I loved this post so much! :) Looks like you've really had a great time, it's such a cute summer destination :)

Summer Read said...

Wow it looks beautiful there! Lovely pictures and love those pants!

Marta said...

These pictures are so lovely!


thiang said...

amazing pics and love everything.

aurora said...

Love your boho style, love you

Jenelle Witty said...

This is a part of the US that I have never really heard about before, it looks like fun! So vibrant. What is with the dollar bills on the roof?? Random!
Free-flowing rum, why not hey?

Fun trousers!
xx Jenelle

Unknown said...

The summer spirit is so present in this cool outfit. Adore the retro chic style of these amazing stripes culottes, they look perfect with the bikini top. These photos are really wonderful

Rachel Ang said...

SUMMERY POST!!!! lots of love!

Rachel x

Dana said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors. SO vibrant! I need to visit here!!

linn said...

your photos are just stunnig

Nikki Williams said...

love those pants!

xx nikki

Mariel Parton said...

amazing photos Dylana, you always show the beauty of a place in your posts and they never fail to make me wanderlust..
this post has certainly made me want to visit the place despite the ghost stories :D
loving your culottes with that bikini top too, how summer perfect :) <3