Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Folk Rebellion at Urban Cowboy

I teamed up with Folk Rebellion to photograph an intimate dinner gathering at my favorite East Williamsburg bed and breakfast, Urban Cowboy. I never turn down an opportunity to shoot at this place. And when I learned more about what Folk Rebellion was all about, I got even more excited. Folk Rebellion was an idea born out of the brain of a former brand consultant and digital strategist, Jess Davis. Tired of living a life nearly 24/7 plugged in the tech world, she decided to make a switch to find a better balance between real life and the life we all have on our digital screens. The products that Folk Rebellion puts out in the world work to encourage a love of nature, adventure, thoughtfulness, and inquisitiveness for a future generation. A brand built to encourage the act of being present in the moment, and detached (at least for a little while) from the connections we make purely in the digital world. All their products are ethically made and a portion of their profits also go to the Children & Nature Network. They set up a gorgeous gathering for editors to come learn about what they do, all while being totally and fully unplugged from the digital world. We all had to rid ourselves of our cell phones (they were placed in an envelope and hidden away) for the entire night. I was the only one with an actual camera, because there still needed to be someone to take photos of the happenings. hehe. 

Urban Cowboy was the perfect setting to showcase Folk Rebellion's aesthetics. Everything fit right in with the warm and inviting environment. Every detail thought out and examined. I always leave Urban Cowboy feeling inspired to create a home for myself that is just as welcoming. It really makes such the difference, getting rid of your phone and just involving yourself in the presentness of what is around you. Good people. Good food. Good wine. Good conversation and connections that go beyond the digital world. It's a rarity nowadays that we get to experience social functions without being an easy click away from something. It was nice to see how awesome and even more real the vibes can be when we aren't all relying on our phones to update us with something. The true update is in the now :) Keep it in check. Thanks Folk Rebellion for showing us all this, and showing us all the ways to make a difference without social media. 


Paulina Villalpando said...

Such a cool place! I love the photos. What lens did you use? http://www.thepaarblog.com/

Unknown said...

such a cool place


jasmine marie said...

Love the photos, this place looks cool!

Unknown said...

The pictures are stunning! You were able to capture everything so beautifully and I love the "unplugged" message behind the brand! :)

Rachel said...

Beautifully photographed :) You really feel the good vibes coming from these pictures! xo


Rachel Ang said...

This is such a brilliant idea! Cool & great pictures as always!!

Rachel x

Lubka Christova said...

This place has such an amazing vibe.
I love the rustic touches in the design. All the rugs are so pretty and look so Bulgarian to me :))

Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

Tusks and Tails said...

I want this to be my house!!