Sunday, July 12, 2015



Vintage dress
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After over 5 years of running this blog, and 5 years of dramatic lifestyle changes, I've come to realize how little has actually changed when it comes to my personal style. I look back at my outfit posts from 2010 and realize that I still would wear the majority of the looks I rocked back then. It's funny to think about. Yes, I've gone through many style phases here and there (some I'm not too proud of), but I've finally reached a point in my life where I know what I like and what I don't like, and what works and what doesn't work for my body. I don't question a lot of my dressing choices anymore. Instead, I'm confident with the pairings I put together to flourish my body with, and don't normally ask for a second opinion. It's an awesome and a very free feeling. To get down to the bare bones of it all, it really is just fashion (not cancer research), but I've always believed personal style to be very lucrative to living a positive life. Feeling good in your clothes gives you that extra spring in your step that is always very much needed. 

I've grown up always very drawn to colors and extravagant prints. After traveling throughout Asia with my mom and sister for a month a few years ago, my love for Southeast Asian inspired textiles grew even more. They were so vibrant and so alive. Matching the spirit of the people of these beautiful countries that I had the chance to visit. The patterns literally jumping off of themselves right in front of my eyes. I just wanted to adorn them all and pair them with my favorite well-worn denim and bring them to life in my own unique way. I felt that way then and I feel that way now. I love clothes that feel spirited and bold, to remind me to live life spiritedly and boldly just like they do. Fashion invigorates me in the morning and kick starts my day. And I love it for that and always will :) Happy Sunday ya'll!


Unknown said...

that dress is rad

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courtzmelv said...

That dress is so bloomin' beautiful! You look fabulous!

Courtney |

Holly Read said...

That dress is absolutely beautiful! It suits you so well :) and I totally agree about personal style being important, it makes you feel good and it shows!x
Holly x

thriftylilpixie said...

Such a beautiful dress and pattern, I would not change my style when it looks that good!

Emmajane. said...

Love the simplicity of this look and the pattern! Fab vintage find! X

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Unknown said...

That dress is beautiful, love the Asian inspired fabric.

Vivian Le said...

This dress is stunning and even more so on you! You're pretty cool ;p


Stephanie said...

Love this, that dress is stunning on you!


Tasneem said...

Love the dress!

Unknown said...

The pattern on this dress is gorgeous. Love the perspective on the photos, great post!

ISA Professional

Tusks and Tails said...

This dress is to die for! Cant get over the pattern!