Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Garden District | New Orleans


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Oh hey, New Orleans. Oh how I've missed you so! I miss your smiles and your friendliness. I miss your endless heat that curls around my neck and rises above my head. I miss your canopied streets that make me feel so safe from anything bad. I miss your pops of bold tones around every corner And I miss the things that you have allowed me to put into my belly. I will remember it all! Most of all, I'll miss the friends I've made because of you. We met up with New Orleans-based jewelry designer Sarah of Saint Claude at her amazing home in the heart of the historical Garden District. Her guest home seconds as her at-home work studio and it was absolutely phenomenal. The perfect little retreat from the crazy nights of the French Quarter. So homey and cozy; you get the feeling that everyone knows everyone. And that is exactly true. The Garden District was so unlike anything I've ever witnessed before, yet it felt so familiar. Probably from all the movies I've watched based in the South. It was kind of a mind trip. This neighborhood that used to be full of plantations is now filled with unique Victorian-style homes. Each one fenced off and full of personality shining bright from within. I tried to sneak a peek inside each one to see what kind of stories it might contain. Each so lush. It was almost as if each home was alive and able to speak all on its own.

We asked Sarah what was cool in the neighborhood, and that we were ready for a nice glass of wine. She knew exactly the type of place we were looking for and drove us out to the up-and-coming Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans. You can kind of call it the Williamsburg of the city. Sounded great to me! Bacchanal Wine was a joint made in heaven. You walk into what seems like just a normal wine shop and you get to go crazy! Choose your own bottle and some cheeses to match, and the crew will whip up a cheese, bread and meat plate to your liking to go with your wine. We enjoyed all the deliciousness in the delightful backyard full of tables and lights tangled in the trees while a live band played something that sounded out of this world, yet still jazzy in that classic New Orleans way. 

We went and danced in the streets and danced in the bars all night long in the French Quarter after wards to burn off all the wine and bread we consumed. Trumpets and saxophones and everything oh my. We danced until we couldn't dance anymore. Still, we woke up early for French donuts, called beignets, and a big Southern brunch at Elizabeth's Restaurant, which was recommended to us by Sarah. I had the fire green tomatoes and poached eggs. I nearly keeled over from happiness. It was also located in the Bywater area. I highly encourage you all who plan on visiting New Orleans to try this savory spot out! Famous for its bacon!

In just one full day, we felt like we got a glimpse at the best of the best in New Orleans. But I'm not at all done with the city yet, as that was just a taste. I'll be dancing to that soulful saxophone in my dreams until next time. 


Holly Read said...

These pictures are absolutely stunning! Looks like a wonderful place!x
Holly x

thiang said...

so so lovely pics, so jealous so perfect life to be able to travel plus working.

Unknown said...

that skirt is so cute -- love all these photos

LopezJennyLopez said...

Love this pics!!! Are you girls coming to swim week this year????

Rachel said...

Love that lost shot of you! Wraps up the post just perfectly!



Tusks and Tails said...

New Orleans just has so much character!! Cant wait to visit!

Unknown said...

Love the way you matched the skirt with that boho top!! The neighborhood also looks fun and friendly, I love the houses!!

Isa said...

This makes me so nostalgic - I miss NOLA so much! I like how you managed to make the Garden District look kind of Bywater-y, haha. Did you used to live there too?

belle + compass said...

i love those shots!!!



Unknown said...

Beautiful photos and I love what everybody here is wearing. So stylish!

mybeautrip said...

Awesone place!

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

Great photos!

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aurora said...

beautiful shots of your trip and love the outfits.

erika mendez said...

Prefect , you are the Best just love your blog.

Shawnee said...

WOwwwww So stunning! Dying to visit New Orleans now.

Unknown said...

So wonderful post.Looking forward to your next one!