Monday, July 6, 2015

Bonnaroo 2015


First Look: BCBGeneration top, Calypso St. Barth pants, Worth & Worth hat, TEVA sandals, Ela Rae choker

Second Look: Anna Sui x O'Neill crochet tank, River Island shorts, TEVA sandals

Third Look: Anna Sui x O'Neill dress, Wildfox sunglasses, TEVA sandals

Fourth Look: Missguided wrap dress, Hudson Jeans shorts, TEVA sandals, Ela Rae choker

Bonnaroooooooo! Where to start? I think I need another cup of coffee before I indulge in the details. Such a far out, incredible, sweaty and inspiring experience. I've never been to a music festival that was quite like Bonnaroo to be honest. It's a festival for all the senses. So many types of people I got to see and talk to and dance with. So many high fives and smiles were shared all around. So many kind and whacky spirits. What I loved most about Bonnaroo was that there was something for everyone of all ages, from the young rave kids in head bands to the 55 year old ex-hippies in tie-dye shirts and Birkenstocks. Then there were the people who looked like they showed up to Bonnaroo after doing absolutely no research at all, in their crisp shirts that would slowly get dirt stains and lose buttons throughout the weekend. And they found themselves embracing the dirt and rips. Girls dancing topless and swishing hoola hoops around their bare waists with only glitter paint to cover up their girly parts. People prancing around the rainbow splattered fountain in the middle of the festival, with their outrageous outfits drenched in water to beat the heat. Our feet dusty and dirty in our TEVA sandals by the end of each night. But clean feet meant we were having no fun. We slept in the car we drove in the first night because my sister found a spider in our tent. We woke up with the sun burning through our eyelids and our car heating up to 90 degrees before 8am. We then found the tent life not to be too bad even though we were too tall for our cots. So many bodies, so much music, so much beer, so much sun, so much food. It was like a carnival, just with less kiddie rides (although there was a water slide). There were so many stages to choose from that we found ourselves running around like madwomen trying to see as much as we could. Two of the stages were much smaller and far more intimate, featuring up-and-coming artists. Those were my favorites because I always like being at the very front at a concert. Clear Plastic Masks being one of my absolutely favorite performances of the whole weekend. After , of course. 

People were free on this huge farm in the middle of Tennessee, and there was nothing else like it :) Simple, sweaty, good fun. It's weekends like this where no fucks are given about the makeup running down your face under the sun, dirt stuck under your nail beds, and hair that is three days in need of a wash that I love the most. Cheers to more of these types of weekends, and the friendships that come out of them as a result. 

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Unknown said...

I would love to go to bonnaroo one year!

Tusks and Tails said...

Spot on looks for Bonnaroo!

Rachel said...

Looks like such a great time!! I hope to go someday :) xo

Anonymous said...

Love your festival style.


Unknown said...

These outfits have a festival soul, they are really amazing specially the last one with that cool green dress, it's my favorite. But I fell in love with the beautiful white dress, the lila details is so cute and the boho chic inspiration is just perfect. Wonderful photos

Yonosoyunaitgirl said...

Nice pics! XX

aurora said...

amazing Tevas for women.

laurie said...

Love love all the amazing pics and those lovely Tevas so colorful perfect for summer.