Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Summer Feels

There will always be something about summer. For a lot of people though, January marks the start of a period of renewal, with new goals set in place and fresh eyes for the year ahead. For some, it's fall. For me, it has always been summer. I go into the season bright eyed and motivated to explore (someplace distant or someplace just a few miles where I currently reside), and I leave the season nostalgic yet emotionally fulfilled. Summer amplifies the joys that we get out of living a life of leisure, and leave them resonating with us for the days and years spread ahead of us. I've always moved to new places in the summer. Made the most new friends in the summer. Read the most books in the summer. Got the most use out of my favorite sneakers in the summer. Kissed the most boys in the summer. Listened to the most live music in the summer. Felt the best way possible about my body and health in the summer. Taken the most time to revisit passions of the past in the summer. Summer both bares me down and inspires me to smile. For some reason, the warmth in the air pushes me to let go of my insecurities. It adds an extra bounce in my step for no other reason that it feels fucking good to be walking outside with my bare legs and tan, my own two feet fully reliable and strong. It's as simple as that. As long as I have summer, I'll always keep going :) 

For example, yesterday I found out I had a parking ticket and spent an entire hour trying to find a place to re-park it in my neighborhood. I was sweating balls with the windows down (which was not really helping), with loud construction ringing in my ears around every street I squeezed my loaner car down. I didn't have my phone on me, so I had no one to call and complain to and cry about my anxiety to. It was just me, the sweltering heat, my car, and not a parking space in sight. I was on the edge of something pretty close to a breakdown. But finally, I found a spot (far from my apartment, of course). I parked the damn car, sat there for a while and just leaned my head back. But instead of reviving the curse session broiling in the back of my head, I finally started to focus on and feel the breeze coming in through the windows. Slowly but surely, the weights lifted. It was sunny outside. A little past 2pm; the middle of the day. People taking lunch breaks on stoops and running errands this way and that way. The construction noise didn't bother me so much anymore. And the heat felt more invigorating than it did just a minute ago. So I walked home and it didn't feel all that bad to take those 5 or 6 or 7 extra blocks past the summer noise of the city and home to my desk. It felt amazing actually. And I felt like I worked for it. I picked up a green juice along the way. That was refreshing. The most likely reason for this change of spirits was summer. That was it. 

Now enjoy some pictures that I took on the beautiful, warm days in the city that I live for. Sometimes, pictures speak louder than words. With my eyes I feel. Summer keeps THE FEELS alive. Let's keep it going as long as we can. 


Unknown said...

I am getting all kinds of summer vibes from this! love it


thepaarblog said...

Beautiful photos! I want to be on holiday! http://www.thepaarblog.com/

Holly Read said...

I admit i've had a few near melt-downs this summer! I guess we just have to focus on the good things :) i love your post, all the pictures are lovely, and i felt better after reading it!
Holly x


Summer Read said...

I agree, I always feel my best in the summer. The weather always seems to put smiles on everyone's faces, making them forget about all their worries. Lovely post, these pictures are great! xx


Stephanie said...

Great summer post, love your captures!



Rachel said...

Nothing like the summer season! It really is the time when we all need to enjoy the most out of life! xo


Anonymous said...

Love your photos!

Francesca Rose said...

I never feel like summer is a new beginning but I'm always happiest/ most positive in summer with the best memories always created in summer. I wish it was a season that lasted longer or I lived in a more summery country (I live in England)!


Mary-Grace said...

Amazing pictures.

LIVforstyle said...

Looks like your having a great summer!



Rachel Ang said...

If you feel with your eyes, and these are what you see, you must be feeling really good!! I LOVE THESE PICTURES!! :)

Rachel x

DNA (the shop) said...

Love your photography :)

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Shawnee said...

YES girl. I'm with you on feeling fresh in the summer and all that ~ all good vibes ! I love seeing NYC through your eyes. xx

rossana said...

really cool summer pics, love it all !!

thriftylilpixie said...

Such a positive post, love the writing and of course the pictures