Wednesday, August 5, 2015

An Ode to Flat-Chested Girls


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From one flat-chested girl to another, I FEEL YOU! How many years has it taken us to embrace our lack of boobage? Too many, that's for sure! How many annoying comments did we have to endure from our mothers growing up that we'd never find a husband, let alone a boyfriend, purely because of the lack of surface area in this region. Far more than we deserved. But here we are, years into living a life that wasn't accentuated by how our dresses literally accentuated our cleavage, and it seems like we actually turned out alright. Our small boobs didn't really matter in the whole scheme of things. It seemed far worse back when we were 13 and still in training bras made by Jockey while everyone else was stocking up on those fancy padded ones by Maidenform.

Looking back, I realize that I did in fact spend a good amount of time (too much time) thinking about how inadequate I looked in a t-shirt as a size A cup. I'd never wear anything too form-fitting for fear of drawing even more attention to what I was lacking. A bikini without padding was a no-no straight off the bat. Which actually sucked, because those bikinis were always my favorite and had the best prints. I'd dream of pretty, lacy underwire bras, but they were just that . . . only a dream that I could never really fill in reality. A saggy cupped bra was a dream decomposed. I kept my feelings mostly to myself. It was a subject I was touchy about, so it was best that I didn't even talk about it all, despite the gnawing that it did at my brain, not to mention at my self-confidence. But worst of all, I felt restricted. Constrained by my body both physically and mentally. Cleavage. A physical concept so blown up out of proportion inside the head of me, a young girl just coming of age. So silly it seems now, all those hours spent feeling shitty about myself. But that's what growing up is all about. Learning to love yourself unconditionally after many trials and errors. Trials and errors. And trials and errors again. 

Luckily, today's bra-dom has seemed to turn to the good side, at least for us small cupped girls. Fashion is highlighting less of the padded push ups and more of the sheer, unlined, barely there bralettes (the flat-chested girl's go-to). Less is more. I mean, of course, everyone loves a girl who can fill up a full cup size, but no longer is it the standard for sexiness, high self-confidence and true femininity. I'm 27 and a 36A, and I just recently come to realize how much I love my boob size. It's so subtle, so easy, never too in the way but there just enough for me to enjoy and appreciate. Now that I think about it, so much of what I actually do like to wear looks so much better without a bra, and hey . . .  I don't have to wear one because I don't need to! Low neckline? No problem. My cleavage is never too in your face, so I never have to worry about coming across as too showy. If I do want to wear a bra, all I have to care about is how cool the straps are going to look peaking out from underneath my neckline. Not going to lie, this truth is kind of awesome. Bras aren't necessary for us . . . they are accessories! Before, it was something I lusted to have so that others would accept me or see me in a certain way. Now it's just something I like to have fun with. Something to play around with to complement my style personality, not guide it. Now that's what I call freedom. 

I'm not restricted by my boob size like I was before. Instead I'm freed by my boob size. Freed because I have accepted it. I just never realized before that acceptance was all I needed to get to that point of feeling really good about myself. 

Don't get my wrong. I'm not hating on the girls with bigger boobs than me. Hurrah to you girls! Your boobs will always looks awesome and I will always admire them. I just no longer compare mine to yours anymore. I'm just saying that no matter what size you are, it's YOUR SIZE and it's BEAUTIFUL. And that is all that matters. You always have to look on the bright side no matter what side of the size spectrum you fall into, because being able to love yourself unconditionally (even if it's just starting with your boob size), is a very, very amazing thing. 


Unknown said...

love this! I used to want bigger boobs but now I totally embrace my A cup

Alexa Johnson said...

Love this post!!

Holly Read said...

Such an inspiring post! I couldn't wait to get breasts when I was growing up, but now I wish mine were smaller! I can't imagine not needing to wear a bra! This is a really positive post, I'm glad you're happy with how you are, good for you!!! xxx
Holly x

The Twins' Wardrobe

Lindsey Cook said...

I recently had a similar epiphany. I used to get so upset because stores would never have my bra size, or if they did they would be really ugly or boring bras, but now everyone's all about the lacy bras and bralettes, and those look better on small chests anyways! I'm glad that we've gotten to a point where no matter what your bra size, there's something out there that will make you feel glam and sexy, but I'm glad that I've realized the many benefits of having a smaller chest.

- Lindsey, The Fashion Barbie

Stephanie said...

Thank you! Gotta love this ^^


Rachel Ang said...

'because being able to love yourself unconditionally is a very very amazing thing'.
I just love that!! such an inspiring post!!

Rachel x

Tusks and Tails said...

The back of this top is perfect!

Anonymous said...

your mom really said that to you??

Anonymous said...

what a horribly mean disturbing thing for a mother to say to her daughter. what an evil woman. your mother should be seriously ashamed of herself!!! i hope karma hits her good.