Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In The Swing of Things


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Luiny bolero necklace

So, the highlights in my hair are starting to show again after months of dancing and cold beer drinking under the sun (dancing cancels out beer, so all is good). It seems like festival season is officially over, at least for me that is. Not exactly sure if I am sad or relieved. Most likely I am a little bit of both. But damn, the memories are good. Coachella. Governor's Ball. Bonnaroo. Lollapalooza. I'm even counting the weekends of watching my favorite bands play in Montauk. I'm having a hard time choosing my favorite festival out of them all, but Bonnaroo definitely has made a huge mark on my heart. Because it was the whackiest, the most colorful and the most versatile. It was everything under the sun. I laughed so much at Bonnaroo, danced the most I've ever danced and maybe even cried a little. Shit got real at Bonnaroo, but I don't regret it at all. Maybe next year I'll do more. Or maybe I'll do less. Or maybe I'll do none at all (not sure that's going to happen though). As long as my summer is music filled in some sort of way, you've got a happy Dylana. But there's nothing like that feeling of bumping and grinding with strangers covered in glitter in the middle of a field in the middle of America and feeling on top of the world. Every single atom of the beat hanging heavy in the air. Moments like these are what mark the freedom of our lives as we verge on "adulthood". I might be considered to some too old for this kind of stuff, but my heart and soul say hell no! I'll keep THE FEELS alive as long as I can. 

I can already feel fall in the air. It's coming too quick! But what a beautiful summer it has been. Exploring music, making new friends, seeing wonderful places that I will remember forever and ever. And getting to know more and more of the heart and soul of the wonderful city that was once my dream and that is now my reality. I couldn't have asked for a better summer actually. So many cheers and so many sunsets, I've just been over washed with joy. With the end of summer, comes the start of a new age. Oh haaaayyy Libras. A whole new chapter is about to unfold. It's scary and it's grand at the same time. But every year, it takes place at a time where my mind is full of high summer memories and stories to keep on telling. I'm lucky that my upcoming 28th year will start off with endless nostalgia of one of the most epic of warm weathered months that I've ever experienced. The party has already gotten started. Here's to letting that party stay. 

Speaking of swinging summers, this is what I wore on the last day of Lollapalooza. The bell sleeves kept my arms feeling airy. Bell sleeves are the best accessory when one is dancing with arms above the head. Swish swish. Stevie Nicks would be proud. I rocked this sick bolero necklace from my dear friend and neighbor, Luiny! Without her crazy cool accessory designs, our Lollapalooza experience would not have been efficiently outfitted. Thanks Luiny for keeping us looking and feeling like cool cats all weekend :) 


Unknown said...

love the top and shoes


AVY said...

You're never older than you want to be. Fuck the rest.

/ Avy

thepaarblog said...

I love the necklace, super simple and cool http://www.thepaarblog.com/

Rachel said...

You always pull off the crop top look so effortlessly!!!



Juliette Laura said...

Those shorts are incredible.. LOVE your outfit!


Marta said...

You look amazing in these photos!


Anonymous said...

You look amazing, I love your top!

Maë - www.blackhairblackdress.blogspot.fr

Stephanie said...

Beautiful, so carefree and summery!



Vanesa Cruz said...

Cool look! Love the bolero necklace.

Unknown said...

Love your outfit, Dylana! Your summer sounds hella fun. Wish we had more music festivals here in the PH!


DNA MAG said...

Glad you took advantage of summer sunsets :) And love that bolero necklace!


Dana said...

You always look so sweet, and so confident! Your effortless, casual style is what I love the most!


Unknown said...

Simply beautiful!
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Tusks and Tails said...

You have such a beauitful figure!


Rachel Ang said...

Literally felt a swoosh of good vibes reading this post!! Great to know that you had a lovely summer!

Rachel x