Friday, August 28, 2015

Nicaragua Part 1


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Thania and I were spoilt silly during our time spent at Aqua Wellness Resort in Tolas, Nicaragua. Up in our treehouse in the middle of the jungle off the southern coast of Nicaragua, where we could open our deck windows to face and hear the sounds from our private cove, that sparkled endlessly. We were awake by 6:30am for yoga every morning and in bed not much later than midnight. Our bodies and souls were well-rested and super energized. City life felt lightyears away, and the experience was the exact escape I've been looking for. Just exploring the resort by foot was quite an adventure (not to mention a workout!). So many steps to explore the other tree houses around us that made up the resort. We used up so much energy during our days taking these steps, practicing yoga, paddle boarding, and exploring the beaches and small towns just outside the resort, that we fell asleep so peacefully at night, dreaming of the beautiful day we could expect to have ahead of us. 

I've never unwound so much in my life before, which is pretty crazy to think about. It's not everyday that one can wake up to the sounds of nature and wildlife, but when you do, it's no mistake to take advantage of this sort of time as much as you can. Aqua Wellness Resort focuses so much on the sustainability of the jungle, eco-system, and culture of Nicaragua, building the tree houses only upwards to preserve a larger majority of the jungle and to not impose on its original inhabitants. It's a place where jungle life is happily beside the visitors of the resort. It's quite cool waking up to a family of howler monkeys on your deck, nibbling on leaves from the massive trees overhead. All the food we ate has been locally grown and fully organic, making use of Nicaragua's thriving agricultural scene. I cut back on alcohol and put food into my body that gave me bursts of energy for my long days. Without even realizing it, the focus on the functioning of my body and the state of my wellbeing became so important. I noticed the ways my muscles moved and felt so much more. I closed my eyes and noticed how much more clear minded and level headed I felt. I paid far more attention to the sounds, the colors, the texture, and the smells around me. Aqua Wellness Resort was definitely luxurious, but at the same time, it felt very bared down and natural, just like the jungle around us. It was the perfect balance. And it was definitely something super special. 

More to come from our salty trip, and the adventures we took at the resort and outside the resort. Stay tuned :)


Unknown said...

looks so fun! I wanna go there!

Unknown said...

What an awesome fun resort! Certainly a place I would like to visit.


Unknown said...

So jealous! This seems like the trip of a lifetime. Great photos!


Natalie Suarez said...


that purple bikini is STUNNING

Anonymous said...

Friendly 🐒

AVY said...

If I'm awake at 06:30 it's never for yoga. Love the bikini.

/ Avy

Stephanie said...

So beautiful and fresh, your swim suit is summer perfection!


Unknown said...

This place looks stunning! I'll have to add this to my to-go list :)

Natali said...

I can imagine how this kind of places lets you unwind completely and just enjoy the nature and it's benefits to the max! Living in the busy city, esp. the central area can make you miss quiet, clean and green spaces very much. Beautiful photos!

Snapshot Fashion said...

these photos are so fantastic.

Paris said...

Looks like an amazing trip!

Beccy said...

Beautiful. Looks like an amazing trip. relaxed greetings from the wellnesshotel brixen