Wednesday, August 26, 2015

No Sweat


Vintage blouse
Lovers and Friends denim shorts
Vintage belt and neck scarf
Vince Camuto leather boots // SHOP SIMILAR
BOYY leather purse // SHOP SIMILAR
Sabrina SL choker

I've been living in these denim shorts lately. Especially since the city is still burning hot hot hot. I'm trying to not let the heat get the best of me, so keeping cool in any shape or form is what I'll be doing. Finding a spot in the shade on a busy Williamsburg corner in between thrift shopping and hunting for ice cold lemonade sounds just about right. I got asked the other day by a girl on the street who liked my red neck scarf but asked how I wear it when it's so damn hot outside. I said, giiiiiiirl, you just do it and pretend not to sweat. Really, you just get used to it. Like I said, I keep my cool in other ways. 

Photos shot by my lovely friend Sabrina Sun


Unknown said...

Love this cute summer look! You look gorgeous Dylana.


AVY said...

This is why I stay away from the sun. I want to have to pretend. Looking cute as always.

/ Avy

kim said...

you looking very good every time I see your posting, y
love your style

Unknown said...

I love this outfit, I am so jealous you still get to wear shorts and bask in the sun! I totally agree with your statement of wearing it and pretending you're either not too hot or not too cold, weather permitting of course, as long as you think that then you got it girl!

Natali said...

Gorgeousness!! This is such a great boho chic outfit and your blouse is simply wonderful!

Unknown said...

you look amazing!!

Stephanie said...

Cute summer outfit!


Unknown said...

love this bandana

Tusks and Tails said...

Such a cute white sheer top!

Beatrice Balaj said...

Love this! You are so beautiful. Miss ya.


Anonymous said...


mybeautrip said...

Great summer look!

Rachel Ang said...

You are awesome Dylana! and I love this red scarf of yours worn like this!! xx

Rachel x

Aurora said...

Such great karma to be around nature you so lucky DylNa

Anna said...

It shows on your face how relaxed and beautiful to be able to experience true nature , you go girl, wish I can go thee too.

Unknown said...

love your blouse!