Thursday, September 3, 2015

Found The Shade


CAMP shirt
Cotton On denim miniskirt
Joie leather boots
Moro Tran leather purse
Crap Eyewear sunglasses

I'm a huge fan of showing off some leg in a casual sort of way. Think high-waisted denim mini paired with my favorite boots. I'm such a skirt sort of girl. Skirts that take me from day to night are the best (really how many times do we have to repeat this statement?!?). Most days I don't actually have enough time to change, so the more quickly I can transition, the better. Being the tall girl I am (I'm 5'11"), finding skirts with a length that hits at the right spot are hard to come by. They are either too short, or too long. Why is it so hard? And taking time to make extra alterations are not too fun. As well as expensive! This skirt from Cotton On is perfect in every aspect. I feel so French school girl in it!

Been thinking up more ideas for my lifestyle section of the blog, and I want to involve more wellness into this. More feel good about yourself topics, and ways to approach life in a more positive way. Even some of my workout tips. It's something we have to deal with on the daily, so I thought I'd make sure to not leave it on the back burner. I've just been so engulfed in some current creative projects that have taken up more time than I thought, and with fashion week around the corner things aren't made any easier. But once I get back into the daily groove of things, you can be sure to expect more of the good life stuff on here :) 


Unknown said...

this outfit is really cute

Unknown said...

Looking forward to see what other things you'll add to your blog! I would definitely be interested to read about wellness.


Carina G. said...

You look so pretty !

Natali said...

Cute casual outfit! :)

laurie said...

simple and sweet like a young girl

Anonymous said...

you're so cool and your outfit is so cool
Kat | Delirium Style

Rachel said...

All white looks so good on you!



mybeautrip said...

Cool street style!

Jeans Please! said...

Love ur style so much! This is perfect!

Rachel Ang said...

Great outfit as always! and yes!! please do lifestyle posts!!! i love reading your opinions. they are always so eye opening. looking forward!

Rachel x