Thursday, September 24, 2015

New York Botanical Garden


"Life has no meaning.
Each of us has the meaning and we
bring it to life. It's a waste to be asking
the questions, when we are the answer" 
- Joseph Conrad

A quote that is so, so true! And so thoughtful and introspective. So many people spend such a great deal of time "searching" for the "meaning to life". And they keep searching and searching, thinking it will someday just pop up in front of their faces and think that it will instantly all make sense. That it will all come together. It's nice to think about things this way though because it takes the control out of our hands. It makes us lazy in a way, thinking we can step back and let life takes its course. This mentality of "when the time comes, it will come" is one that is romantic and beatific, but at the same time, it's far from reality. Most of the time, in the end, things don't just come as we take a step back. Yes, some things happen for a reason, but most things happen because we make them happen. And doesn't the hard work we put into the journey make the outcome that much more significant? We've been all watching far too many fairytale ending movies I think. They have us warped! haha. 

Yes, I have had many times when I would prefer to sit back and watch my life go by and that all things I've dreamed of would fall effortlessly into my hands. There have been many times when I actually did do that, but only to be knocked heavily into the reality that things don't usually come that easy. If I wanted it enough, I would have already been up and out of my seat in search if them, rather than waiting on a time of arrival that was up in the air, and that probably had no end destination.

I've learned the hard way (with school, with relationships, with my career, etc.) that without hard work, some goals and a passion for the journey, one can easily find him or herself running in circles, chasing what will forever stay a dream just out of reach. And while living off the fuel of a dream may be enough for some people, actually achieving that dream and creating a life full of momentous moments leading up to that achievement is really the process of life most sought after.

I've waited around for boys to come around. Giving high hopes to situations that sounded far better in my head than in real life. The moment I realized that the mind games I was playing with myself was not worth the effort, was the moment I knew taking things into my own hands was the best route to go. Forgetting the losers who would let me hanging, and just live life joyously and with eyes open, was the best decision ever. Sometimes a decision that is hard to keep, but that I endlessly keep working towards. The person who does the same will find you to. But once you find this person, don't leave them hanging, let them know you feel. Give the relationship some meaning and effort. Don't let it be an easy game that falls too far down too easily and too early that it means nothing special at all. That's when things really start to feel rough. And for what? Some stupid boy who pretends to not see your text messages but will hit you up two weeks later wanting to chill. Bye bye to that. 

How I approached my career and wanted to move to NYC to live out my passions . . . I didn't do that by siting around waiting for an opportunity to come up. I made those opportunities. It wasn't easy, and it wasn't always the best situation that I would come to find myself in, but through trial and error, I got to where I am today. And every moment in-between the start and finish, is one that I don't regret at all. All the bad bosses. The horrible cubicle situations. The experiences I missed. The experiences I grasped. It's all my story and it will always be a part of me. 

So when I think of how our meaning for living weaves into the tangible existence of our own lives and the world around us, I like to say that we really do make the meanings of our lives along the way. Deep down inside, we all know what we want. What is good for us. What we cherish the most. And what we want to get out of the end of it all. We need to trust our gut more often in all that we pursue, no matter what it is. And turn that gut into action. The journey creates the meaning. And no matter what the outcome, as long as you are learning and creating and fulfilling along the way, that is all that matters. 

Just some words to kick of my 28th birthday today. Another year older, another year wiser :) Photos all taken by me at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. 


ElaBellaWorld said...

Stunning photos!

AVY said...

I spend too much time waiting but it's only because I don't know what I want. No, that's not true, I'm just afraid och what will happen if I get what I want and it still doesn't make me happy.


Ana Sofia said...

Beautiful pictures, it looks like you had a wonderful day! <3

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Unknown said...

great photos -- I love visiting botanical gardens!

Tania said...

These pictures are incredible!! You've got such a great eye. Love the colors!

xx freshfizzle

The Sunday Mode said...

These botanical gardens look beautiful, I love visiting places like this. Also, happy 28th birthday!

Celia Meylán said...

If someday I visit NY this will be my first stop

The Sydney Girl said...

Absolutely beautiful photos. My favourite is the hibiscus.

Joelyne Xo

thiang said...

love all the pics.m so good

mybeautrip said...

Stunning pictures and place!

Anonymous said...

love the top

Anonymous said...

Très JoLies phOtos.

Rachel Ang said...

Inspiring words, beautiful pictures.
Happy birthday Dylana! You are amazing, always remember that!

Rachel x