Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tomboy During Fashion Week


C/MEO Collective long vest from Fashion Bunker // SHOP SIMILAR
Keepsake lace top from Fashion Bunker // SHOP SIMILAR
Paige denim overalls // SHOP HERE
Converse sneakers // SHOP HERE

And fashion week is officially over for me :) I sort of still can't feel my feet just like how The Weeknd still can't feel his face, but it's totally okay. Because I survived. With Mercedes Benz pulling out of fashion week after last season, everyone was not sure what to expect of this time around. So many questions were being thrown around. Will fashion week ever be the same again? Where will the shows be now? Is anyone even going to care again about fashion week? Well, all of our answers have been answered. And while the photographers might be complaining about all the multiple venues and running around the city chasing down good style, us fashion show attendees are doing quite the opposite. Fashion week was a fresh change for us, thanks so some new environments and neighborhoods that designer's have decided to show at. Not only that, it felt calm, which is the exact opposite adjective we would use to describe the horde of people waiting outside of Lincoln Center all day and all night. This season, because it wasn't so central, us fashion goers caught to experience more of the electricity of the city as opposed to just a main show venue or two that can come to feel pretty redundant after a while. Wall Street. 1 World Trade Center. Houston and Washington. 33rd and 9th Ave. Chelsea Piers. It's fashion! An industry that celebrates change, so it only makes sense that a season like this one would come around, and hopefully will continue to do so more often in the upcoming seasons. My feet are still tired, and I probably stayed up later than I should this past week, but my mind is hungry for more of the beautiful things I was lucky enough to catch going down the runway. I still leave standout shows starry-eyed and dreamy faced, just like I did during my very first fashion week four years ago. It's hard to shake that feeling. No more cities for me for the rest of this fashion month, but hey, maybe next season :) 

So here's my day two outfit for the shows. Was feeling a little tomboy, and wanted to rest my feet so threw on my favorite sneakers. Lace and overalls can be quite a pair I believe. 


Unknown said...

Beautiful! That vest is so cool


Rochelle said...

I super love your vest! Looks perfect on you.
Good vibes, Fox
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Anonymous said...

this vest is gorgeous!

Maƫ -

AVY said...

Still looking feminine though. I like it.


Unknown said...

such a great look

Natalie Suarez said...

beautiful BABE!

Natalie Off Duty

Jacqui said...

Love the vest! It looks stunning

Jacqui | Halcyon Jar

mybeautrip said...

Great style. Love your vest!

The Sunday Mode said...

Great look, I love the long camel toned vest!

Michelle Lee said...

great vest!

Sabrina M said...

aww you're looking great !! good luck for fashion week. Btw i hope one day you can come to my blog and instagram. i really loved you


Rachel Ang said...

You always bring some thing unexpected. Great style!!!

Rachel x

aurora said...

so chic and lovely !!

Unknown said...

love the long vest!