Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Vinegar Hill House | Brooklyn Eats

Still thinking about this brunch I had a few weeks back with friends at the cutest little nook  called  Vinegar Hill House in (you guessed it!) Vinegar Hill, a charming little neighborhood right next door to DUMBO in Brooklyn. With its cobblestone streets and preserved Federal-style brownstone buildings, it reminds me of my first apartment in Philadelphia when I first moved to the east coast. Remnants of an early 19th century America frozen in time. I always get so nostalgic feeling when I set foot on a cobblestone street surrounded by faded brick and shady trees. It's amazing to still see neighborhoods like this preserved amongst the newness of the city! 

My friend and I Citi-biked from Bed Stuy to meet our other friend in DUMBO and from there we made our way by foot to the hidden neighborhood that is Vinegar Hill. I wondered the entire time why I never knew this little area existed!! The wait at the restaurant was a little bit long, but I sneaked peeks at what everyone was devouring, and I didn't mind at all! It all look very much worth the wait.

Things to try at Vinegar Hill House:

Eggs Benedict with smoked trout, pickled pearl onions, hollandaise. This is what I ordered and let me tell you, every single bite I took was a burst of heaven.

Omelette with ricotta, zucchini, sweet corn, mint

Egg Sandwich with brisket, cheddar, English muffin. Perfect for all you meat lovers.

Plum Sourdough Pancake with maple syrup (we shared this for the table). Like woah!! We described the texture of this pancake as something like we've never experienced before. Most likely because of the sourdough. It was like a melt-away pancake. Incredible!!!

So if you are looking for a cozy environment and some spectacular food in a neighborhood that you never have visited before, then Vinegar Hill House is where you need to go. I hear it's also super romantic for a dinner date night. Candlelit and all! 

Vinegar Hill House
72 Hudson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201


Unknown said...

wow my stomach just growled

Natali said...

I need to write down this spot in my "agenda", def. will visit it next time I'm in NYC.

Broomfie_ said...

If I ever end up in New York I'll definitely give that place a look. Everything looks amazing!

Rachael at

AVY said...

Brunch is the greatest invention since sex.