Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dark and Stormy


Cleobella sheer dress
Paige high-waisted flares // SHOP HERE
Velvetine leather bag
Vintage neck scarf
Free People bra // SHOP SIMILAR

My friends aren't surprised when I show up in a getup that is verging on something straight out of The Craft. Head-to-toe black. Extra sheer. Neckline lower than usual. And most likely, lots of criss-cross detailing thrown in for extra effect. I don't actually practice witchcraft and all that jazz, but it's fun to pretend sometimes. I skipped the wide brimmed black hat because that would have been too strange. I was hanging out in the suburbs of Columbia, Ohio this day. No need to scare people. Despite the positiveness of my personality (well, most of the time, I like to say), I do have a dark side, showcased by my choice in TV shows and the books I read. I like to get scared and creeped out, and I like to read so I can feel pain and cry and get to a down place so I can in the end come up from them. A weird noise coming from behind a creaky door? Ghost stories and crimson red? I'm all for it. A depressing novel that makes me want to weep forever? I never want the story to end. You got me?

This blouse/dress by Cleobella is one of my ultimate wear-with-ease pieces in my closet. I love that it can be worn in like 100 different ways. Unbuttoned. Belted. Tucked in. Long. If it had sound effects, it would be "POW POW POW." Currently working on a super rad project with the brand right now, highlighting some of my favorite, creative women in my life. Can't wait to share :) 

So now, with Halloween just around the corner, this outfit is right on point. But I've already eliminated witch from my costume options. Which brings me to this question . . . What should I be for Halloween?!?


Room91 said...

You have the most amazing style Dylana. <3

►Naďa said...

You look amazing as usual ! :)

Unknown said...

love how you styled this

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Rachel said...

So witchy and perfect! You always pull off these sort of looks so effortlessly!



Natali said...

Oh wow! This outfit is wonderful and you're totally rocking it girl!

Unknown said...

Wonderful post! Have a nice day:)

Helena said...

Love it! Your style inspires me so much!!!


Rachel Ang said...

Love how the way you dress always tell something about you! You are amazing!!

Rachel x

mybeautrip said...

Love this total black outfit. So chic!

rossana said...

Stunning looks and style.

Becky said...

This black outfit is amazing. I love it. *-*