Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dongdaemun, Seoul


Vintage distressed tee
KIMEM blazer jacket
AGL patent leather boots // SHOP HERE
Marie Turnor backpack

And here we go to Dongdaemun, the home of this year's Seoul Fashion Week, which was actually one of the most exciting fashion weeks that I ever had the pleasure of attending. Shout out to Showroom Romeo for hosting Ashley, Natalie and I during our fashion week experience! The futuristically designed Dongdaemun Design Plaza was magnificent and spacious, perfectly suited for Seoul Fashion Week's conceptual crowd and its many onlookers. Kids would come line up along its entrance ramp watching out for the celebrities and K-pop singers who would walk the blue carpet into the shows. Fashion week is such a big deal in Seoul, a spectacle that so many locals look forward to taking part in, and this involvement makes all the difference. Just a few steps outside of the design plaza was the hustle and bustle of the city of Dongdaemun, a mix of traditional markets and huge, multi-level shopping centers. So overwhelming, but still so easy to maneuver. In-between shows during the late morning and early afternoon, we'd run around looking for face masks to bring back home to friends and families, stop for a traditional bowl of bibimbap for an energy boost, or just people watch in the coffee shops and on the streets. Everyone in route and street food snacks for days that you could smell from a mile away. Dongdaemun felt like a real city. Back when this part of Seoul was created in 1905, it was called Yeji-dong which means "a neighborhood for learning politeness," which really tells you so much about the Korean culture. One that is based on just that . . . politeness, and a welcoming curiosity of outsiders. Definitely more smiles than glares in Korea. 


Unknown said...

Your photography is incredible!
I would love to shoot sometime!

mybeautrip said...

Great pics and gorgeous skirt!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful look, lovin your pics and you girls style in Korea!


Unknown said...

beautiful photography and I love that skirt of yours

Unknown said...

Stunning pictures, so just looks SO COOL. I love that shirt, Rush is totally the greatest band!


Tonya said...

So many stylish ladies all together! I love your modern rock and roll look. Totally drooling over those patent chelsea boots, I need a pair!

Rachel said...

Those Chelsea boots! WOW!! This whole post makes me want to book a flight to Korea ASAP!



Anonymous said...

You have amazing style. Elegant !

Viviene Kok said...

Plenty of smiles and kindness in Korea!! Enjoyed my trip in Korea with great hospitality :)

Real Life Nerd //

Jennifer said...

Your posts always show a natural liveliness! So inspired!


thiang said...

love to visit one fine day to Korea.

Holly Read said...

Gorgeous pictures, you all look amazing! I'd love to go there, sounds like you really enjoyed it! Love all the outfits xx
Holly x
The Twins' Wardrobe

Michelle Lee said...

Dongdaemun is such a fast paced area
I love how your photos caught the moments so beautifully!
amazing post