Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Itaweon, Seoul

Photos I took from our day in Itaewon, Seoul. So many locals told us to stay away from Itaewon because of the fact that its full of tourists, but that didn't stop us from wanting to explore and see what was up. Touristy or not touristy, we were sure we'd find something interesting. Being home to many much talked about cake shops and clubs, as well as the Samsung Museum, we knew we had to give it a chance. And it ended up being the perfect day for us to visit since a huge multicultural celebration was going on and just about everyone in Seoul was out and about! A DJ (I wish I caught his name) was spinning some of the most badass tunes and we found ourselves dancing with strangers in the middle of the closed off streets. Food from all over the world kept our tummies hungry and looking forward to tasting some of it throughout the evening. Most of the locals were acting like tourists, busting out the selfie sticks and peace signs galore. Kids running free and jumping around in every direction. Antique and vintage shops intermingled with Brooklyn-inspired pubs and coffee shops. But perpendicular to these main streets were colorful side streets lined with traditional Korean restaurants, where the only way we can tell their specialty was the animal featured on the front sign. We found a coffee shop to rest our feet in, and found out that all the modern furniture was for sale and I ended up wanting it all. We got directions to the subway from a Korean American working at an American-style bar that reminded us so much of NYC. And yes, we attempted the subway, which felt like it was nearly 1 mile underground. We almost missed the fashion show we were in a rush to get to, but thankfully made it right on the dot. What a rush of a day! We ended our evening with a nap and then continued on a mad hunt for bulgogi. Once bulgogi hit our tummies, jet lag his us even harder and we all passed out like babies as soon as we got back to our hotel. I love days like this when I travel. When we make a spur of the moment decision and the entire day is experience after experience of excitement and unexpectedness. Taking it all as it comes. You never know, until you explore :) 


Unknown said...

Seoul seems amazing


ElaBellaWorld said...

Sounds like a hectic day :) It looks like a nice and crowded place, sometimes it is impossible to walk when there are so many people haha :) Photos are great as always! xx


Tusks and Tails said...

UHG, looks amazing there, can't wait to visit someday!


Sizzling Suzai said...

its pack! and hahahaha yup we Asean really live to selfie ourselfves!! HAHAHAHAH proven lol

Rachel said...

Such a lively post! Thanks for sharing :)



Rachel Ang said...

Can't stand your pictures! They are great!

Rachel x

Summer Read said...

It looks amazing, and these pictures are beautiful! Captured everything so beautifully! x

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

Michelle Lee said...

such a great post :)