Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Photo Diary | Granada, Nicaragua

And here you go. The last day of my Nicaragua trip was spent in Granada, the Spanish colonial city of the country. And it was absolutely beautiful. Definitely more touristy do to the colorful spread and more fine dining options. Still, the weight of the country is still so visible in the cracks of the rugged salmon and marigold colored walls. A cityscape that doesn't let go of its past and cherishes its history. Food frying on every corner. Knick knacks and homemade goods to add and unlimited amount of color and texture to one's day. Locals in worn in sandals on bicycles zooming by. A feeling that hangs onto every necessity. That doesn't leave a spare part behind. That makes use of everything there is. It felt like a whirlwind walking down the busy, post-rain streets of Granada. It was almost more energetic than a walk through Times Square. The only difference was that it almost felt like time stopped, or that I was walking in slow motion. Paying attention to all that was around me and taking more time to notice its details. Even the differences in people's faces. Their smiles. Their stressed eyes. And all the faces in the middle. So many different conversations and actions going on at the exact same time. A whole world within a world within a world. The lights coming from storefronts lighting up the wet streets, highlighting all the ambiguities of the city streets and its inhabitants. Not to mention, I had some of the best chocolate I ever tasted right here in Granada. With an iced chocolate drink to wash it all down with. Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. Yes, please. Granada, you are stunning. 


ElaBellaWorld said...

These photos are amazing, this place is beautiful! Best chocolate? I must taste it too! Also I like your dress, it is so pretty! x


Unknown said...

you take gorgeous photos

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Marta said...

Lovely photos!


Anonymous said...

the photography is beautiful! and those colors
It reminds me of Lima, Peru <3
Kat | Delirium Style

Violeta said...

Amazing photographs, going on April! Neverthless I read some things regarding security that are a bit scary. Do you think the country is safe for travels? Thank you!