Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Salmon Tone


Vintage Chinese jacket
Schutz leather flats // SHOP SIMILAR
Luiny gold rings

Throwing things into a suitcase for Korea and then working the rest of the day. So instead of getting stressed and feeling tired, I'm just going to focus on the bad-assery of this salmon colored Chinese jacket. The prettiest tone in all the land! A vintage piece I picked up randomly at Beacon's Closet a little over a year ago. I don't shop that often, but its these little jewels in the rough that make digging through the racks well worth it. Happy Wednesday ya'll. Next time I'm back on here, I'll be in Seoul, Korea which is pretty crazy to think about!


Natali said...

This jacket is precious, real work of art! You look stunning!

thepaarblog said...

Traditional chinese textiles are the best!

cherieedle said...

This outfit is like a mixture of lots of different styles, it works so well :)

Dani Mendocha @ Styled Variety said...

Such a unique jacket - it's a perfect statement piece!

-- Dani @

Stephanie said...

Lovely flats!


Unknown said...

That jacket is such a great statement piece! Love the pop of color


Anonymous said...

beautiful ! Love that jacket
and those shoooooes
Kat | Delirium Style

Unknown said...

love the kimono

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Unknown said...

Beautiful babe! Love the music video you shot for Natalie!

Anonymous said...

love the flats !!

Anonymous said...

Sublimes chaussures !

Unknown said...

What a fab piece-great find!

mybeautrip said...

Beautiful orange jacket!