Monday, November 30, 2015

New Lengths


Isabel Marant blouse // SHOP SIMILAR
Dawn Levy trench coat // SHOP SIMILAR
Citizens of Humanity crop flare jeans // SHOP SIMILAR
Coach boots // SHOP HERE
BOYY leather bag // SHOP HERE
Luiny rings

One of my worst fashion memories from being a child was the issue of having to deal with "high water" pants. I was always on the taller side, and shopping the juniors denim section was a nightmare because nothing was ever long enough for my legs. The scariest idea was having to go to school with pants too short and too much of my embarassing patterned socks showing. Funny how trends change. Today, it's all about the ankle because now we think about that little peek of skin in a far different way. Today we don't see the off beat proportion of cropped jeans as dorky. At least not in the fashion world. hehe. Instead, we see it as chic and sexy. I always joke that the first thing I notice about a guy nowadays is the cuff at his pants and how much ankle is showing. But that really is what is the big difference today . . . the proportion. Not just cropped. No, that crop must be complemented by a wider width, or my favorite . . . a subtle flare. Proportion play. This cropped flare by Citizens of Humanity fits the bill. Nothing draws attention to a good boot better than these jeans do. It gives the act of running around town that much more personality. Even today, normal passerby might look at you in a funny way as you stroll around in these jeans, and nostalgia might kick in and you'll feel for a hot second like that kid at school in the lunch line feeling awkward about her too short "high waters". But now we are adults, and we are past that phase of caring too much about what others think about what we choose to wear or do. Correct? Today, think of a pair of jeans outside your normal proportion boundaries as a representation of your independence. Wear them and do it with confidence. Maybe you will inspire someone else to do the same. 

Shop more Citizens of Humanity cropped flares here:


Sandra said...

Really nice kinda hippie look :)

Natali said...

Fabulous boots and blouse, you're looking gorgeous in this boho outfit!

themorninggroove said...

Loved your top! Great photos.

Rachel said...

Those flares look so great on you!



Natalie Suarez said...


Natalie Off Duty

supagloo said...

I used to have the same issue, but I'm totally embracing cropped jeans nowadays. I absolutely love those jeans on you and those boots are to die for!

Sweet Helen Grace

_kjax_ said...

Isn't it funny how fashion trends evolve. I was tall early on in life too, and could never find pants long enough. So glad so many brands make long length now, but this cropped length looks great too!

Shauna said...

The color of those shoes are so perfect for the holidays!


Tusks and Tails said...

You look great in these cropped pants, I can't pull them off!

Izabel said...

I like very much this combination of styles and colors! Jeans are so pretty!
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Stephanie said...

Great street style! Love the boots!


Rachel Ang said...

I sure do remember those days!! I have longer legs than most asian girls do so finding jeans long enough for my legs was always hard!

Rachel x

Unknown said...

Love the flares -- the proportions of this outfit are spot-on and you look stunning! :)

Unknown said...

Love the crop length on these jeans! Also how rad are those boots!?

Mary R said...

You pull off these pants well! In fact, your whole outfit is really cool and downtown chic. Well done!

Love, Mary

Summer Read said...

I love the cut of these jeans, really want to try some on now! Love the blouse too! x

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe