Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hell's Kitchen


Ace & Jig patterned jacket
Eileen Fisher wool vest // SHOP HERE
Hudson Jeans skinnies // SHOP HERE
Vintage leather boots
Sandro suede purse

Layering is my game of choice. This particular week, I'm pretty sure that I wore the exact same black turtleneck and high-waisted black skinny jeans combination at least 3 times. Maybe 4. It was one of those weeks. Cold and bleh. By the end of the week, I was still too lazy to do anything else but black, but I knew that it was about time to throw something fresh into the mix because people would start to question my sanity. This patterned jacket by the lovely brand Ace & Jig saved me this time around. The brand always comes up with the most preciously unique patterns in the softest of cottons. This jacket makes me want to take a weekend trip upstate and cozy on up by a fireplace in a cabin and forget about the city for a little bit. But for right now, Hell's Kitchen will do. The street that we shot this look on was just a few blocks away from 42nd Street (the biggest nightmare of a street that there is in Manhattan in my opinion), but it felt lightyears away. Quiet and charming. I love all sides of the city, but this one is always the most lovely and timeless of them all. 

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Unknown said...

those boots are amazing


Ayşe Aksu said...

You look so cute in that romper! Bizim Mekan The outfit really gives it a refresh and classy look in the middle of those lights. Sohbetci Love it!

Amber Baker said...

Love this look! You can't go wrong with layers!

Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

Francesca Giagnorio said...

This shooting is amazing! I love your outfit


Tusks and Tails said...

Ace & Jig is amazing, I'm always obsessed with their dresses!


Anonymous said...

the layering is perfect
and so are those rings <3
Kat | Delirium Style

Shaira Manalo said...

I actually like how you layered your outfit here. It didn't seemed like you repeated clothes. Love that fringes too :)

Have a nice day!


thiang said...

love the beret on you so chic.

Michelle Lee said...

cool outfit!