Friday, November 20, 2015

Love Cures Hate

So much anxiety and sadness has spread the world over as a result of the recent Paris shootings and terrorist attacks happening in other parts of the world. Currently, social media and the news has been focusing purely on Paris, but really it's the entire world that we need to be focused on. Beirut, Iraq, Syria, Turkey. The list goes on and on. Despite the amount of love that we have in the bubble of our personal lives, we still can't escape the reality of hate and inhumanity that takes place in many, many places. And sometimes it takes something like shootings in Paris for us to realize that things like this are much closer to home. That could have been our family in the restaurant. That innocent passerby on the streets just trying to get home for dinner or to school in time could have been our friend. As Americans, normally we feel like we have nothing to worry about in most situations. In our cars. On the subway. On the bus. Even out on the streets late at night. Maybe now we are sadly far more hesitant doing things we never gave a second thought about, but as a result will push us to take our daily routines far less for granted. Because really, you never know what can happen. You never know what can happen in the next second of your life. As we have seen, because of the hate that does exist forcefully in the world, our world leaves us hanging on a ledge. On the edge of a string. Fragile. Unprotected even though our friends and family are near and safe for now. We hate that we feel this way, but we cannot help it.

So what do we do? What CAN we do? It's hard to say, because our resources are limited. There is only so much we can do. The first step is spreading awareness. There has been controversy surrounding the social media coverage happening after the Paris shootings. Questions that have risen . . . is social media really going to make a difference? Yes, it informs people, but does it at the same time give celebrity to those who are the source of the terrorism? I don't mind seeing social media coverage on such things. It's interesting to see how people online react and listen to their true thoughts on the situation. A human aspect is released during times like this in an online world that is usually far more unrealistic than real. So I appreciate it for that aspect. The second step is to keep our heads high and to keep spreading the love that we have not only within ourselves and amongst the people closest to us, but also with strangers. Taking the extra effort to spread a little more light can make all the difference. You never know how addictive it can be. We shall continue to marvel in our friendships, old and new. Spread our inspirations and keep our passions burning and free. We shall keep our family close and never stop making those ties stronger and stronger. We shall be knowledgable about the world's happenings, because although it might not directly affect us right this second, someday it might. Knowledge is power.

And we must be open to the fact that the majority of the people from the countries from which this terrorism arises from are indeed NOT terrorists. They are human just like us, born into unfortunate circumstances that instantly labels them as something that they are not. Terrorism goes far beyond culture and religion. It is the complete opposite of humanity. It is something completely its own that can hardly be explained, and those who are near to it did not choose to be near to it. We must remember that. Once again, we must be open. With openness comes love. And with more love, there is less hate. More love, there is more gratefulness. More love, there is more passion. More love, less harm to those who do not deserve it. 

Take the world's unfortunate circumstances to reflect on your own life and make a few differences here and there that are forward-thinking and more passion-fueled and optimistic. Learn to be more compassionate. Learn not to judge. Learn to give a helping hand to someone in need. Learn to smile and laugh over the things that are truly good. Learn to be real. Learn to listen. Live every single day like its the last. There is no reason not to. There are people to love, and people to love us back. There is nothing stronger.


Unknown said...

really great post! we all inhabit this floating ball together and we're all the same at the end of the day .. who wants to waste what little time we have here on hate? not worth it <3

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What a timely and refreshing post.

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