Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Seoul | Insa-dong


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The Korea posts will be coming to an end . . . soon. I promise. But there are still a few places that I want to show ya'll. Now I shall take you to Insa-dong. Originally Insa-dong was home to government officials, and then after the Korean War it was home to one of the largest markets for antiques and artworks as antique traders came in and the rich moved out. You still see remnants of that time with the modern galleries speckled throughout this part of the city. And of course, an endless amount of tea houses because Koreans love their tea. 

Insa-dong stands out to me the most because it's a balance of the old and the new. A nod to the past is always present with traditional buildings still lining the streets. The only difference is that they are now used as restaurants or shops. The locals who you can find roaming the streets of Insa-dong are far different from the one's you will see around Dongdaemun of Gangnam districts, and especially so during Seoul Fashion Week. All of a sudden, no one really looks like a K-Pop star anymore. We came to find that a majority of Seoul's youth invest in plastic surgery right after high school to look more like pop stars, and just more western in general. Plastic surgery isn't my thing, but it was interesting to be surrounded by a culture consumed by it. It made me want to understand the fixation on looks more within their culture, especially coming from the US where the idea of plastic surgery is something much more kept in the shadows. In Seoul, it's openly talked about! In Insa-dong the faces stood out to me and I saw a more real version of Seoul. A more weathered and natural Korea. One that isn't so flashy and so western. After seeing this other side of Seoul, it made me like it even better.

Insa-dong is great for the traveler who doesn't mind getting a little lost. There are so many back streets winding this way and that through the storefronts and restaurants, with residential homes in between. You never know what you will find in Insa-dong. The best part about it is that you don't really seek it out; it finds you when you least expect it. 


Unknown said...

love the way you layered this look

supagloo said...

I love the layering in your outfit and your travel photos are gorgeous!

Sweet Helen Grace

Unknown said...

Amazing amazing photos!

Sophie | DenimMondays

DNA (the shop) said...

Great photography! Makes me want to go to Seoul very badly. //

Tusks and Tails said...

Would just love to be there! You and your sisters looks are killer!

Michelle Lee said...

love this layered outfit so much! very chic :)