Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mara Hoffman Spring 2016

I will be jumping on a flight to me beloved Southern California on Thursday afternoon. The homeland. The heart. hehe. It really is an unconditional love that I have for California. Summer afternoons lounging in my hammock in the backyard devouring book after book. Dog walking my neighbor's dogs as an excuse to explore the neighborhood and get into trouble. Spying on the neighbors and as a result coming to know too many secrets. The older girl next door telling us everything there is to know about being a woman. Far too much that a 10 year old should know. Telling my mom I was going to my friend's house when really I was hanging out with skater boys at the abandoned pools of boring suburban backyards. Pretending I could skate, when really I sucked and scraped my skinny knees as a result time and time again. Barefoot more often than not. Kissing messy haired boys behind the movie theater on a Thursday night. But staying out no later than 9pm. I could get in my car on the weekends and head anywhere I wanted. I'd feel like going to San Diego and then I'd be there in a few hours. The days always felt longer. The sun closer. The grass greener. The taste of it all was like a strawberry milkshake. Or a cold Coca Cola. Oh how I pine for those sunny memories sometimes. A lot of times actually. 

Mara Hoffman's S/S 2016 collection reminds me of California. It reminds me of the long road trips my parents would take my sister and I through the desert to Nevada and Arizona. The windows rolled down because of the heat. My head sticking out the side like a fresh pup. But a more grown up, chic version of that, of course. One that lives for rainbows and the desert. That survives off the water of cacti. That takes freeways that have no end in sight . . . a directionless road ahead. This collection can take me anywhere I feel. 


Unknown said...

That's awesome!!!
Love it,

Laura Marie said...

Lovely photographs! Love how floaty these outfits are. Stunning! Laura x

ndudlagirl said...

Love this collection, its softness, and this looks a bit of exotic, loved the photography!

Unknown said...

Love it!

Kelsey said...

What a beautiful show to attend!

Marta said...

The collection looks amazing! I love the hairstyle!

DNA (the shop) said...

Beautiful California sentiments, I know exactly the nostalgia you speak of :)

rrad said...

The collection looks absolutely incredible! Love it :)

XO Raquel

Dinah said...

Love it! It looks amazing.

Greetings from Passeiertal

The Bandwagon Chic said...

I love the free spirited vibe of this collection.
So cool

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Unknown said...

Well said! I haven't had experiences like yours, but the collection hasn't failed to transport me into that carefree summer vibe, with the desert as a backdrop.
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