Monday, December 28, 2015

Miami Art Basel with Persol


Persol sunglasses // SHOP SIMILAR
6 Shore Road swimsuit
Vintage Levi's shorts

Our second day in Miami for Art Basel was spent on yacht with the Persol team, despite how overcast and rainy the day was. We danced to a whole lot of Justin Bieber and Britney without shame. And even though we didn't really need any extra sun protection for our eyes due to the clouds that took over the Miami sky, we still rocked our Persols because that's what one does on a yacht, no?! I love the classic modernism of this black pair. It's a style that I see myself taking with me during all of my travels. Best part about them? They easily fold up into a compact shape, which makes them much easier to pack, and especially so when your bag is a tiny little thing. And let's just say that I hope that this isn't my last time I'm on a yacht. Because that yacht life is mighty fine. And I can definitely get used to it. hehe ;)

I mixed into this post some of my favorite artworks that I viewed at Art Basel. There was so much to absorb in the hours we spent at the Miami Convention Center and over at the famous Wynwood Walls. One of my favorite photographs was of a little girl smoking a cigarette in a kiddie pool. It instantly brought to mind a childhood friend who lived down the street. Little Nikki who lived with her single mom and horsey-voiced grandmother. Parent figures who basically let her do whatever the heck she wanted. Which meant when we went over to visit, we were allowed to do whatever we wanted, as well. We could eat all the candy we wanted. We could ride our bikes not only outside her house, but INSIDE her house, as well. Her grandma always gave us ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on top. And if we wanted seconds, we'd always get it. Then we'd go in her garage and sneak cigarettes and Nikki would tell us how to kiss boys and give blow jobs. All out of the mouth of a 10 year old who knew far too much. If our parents found out what we really did at Nikki's house, they'd probably never let us see the light of day again. I totally forgot about Nikki until I saw this photograph and I asked my sister, "What do you think Nikki is up to today?" I will always wonder. 

One really cool thing about art is how much it can hit the memory hard. There's always something you can relate to in a piece of art. If you look hard enough. Sometimes it just takes a little creative shaking up to bring an energy back to life again. 

Thanks again Persol for letting me have my very first Art Basel experience!

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You look outrageously stunning dear! Buone Feste! Happy Holidays! Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

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Killer swimsuit!

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wow, amazing photos girl!! :) Let's meet one day in LA!

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Dang! You and Natalie are just too cool for school :) Happy holidays and hope you had a great Christmas DYlana :)

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You look so pretty !!

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love that bathing suit honey! merry holidays!

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Love your top ! It looks stunning :)
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