Sunday, December 13, 2015

Winter Gnome


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Hat Attack beanie
Marie Turnor leather backpack
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This season has been both pretty unpredictable and surprisingly mild! A mild winter (although I am sure it won't be so for much longer) means more exploring of the city, and that's always the most delightful thing. And being able to sit down outside during this time of the year is undeniable dope. Maybe I'll slow down as I run my errands just to enjoy the refreshing chill that I don't need to hide from. My steps far slower than usual so that I can notice the tiny garden hidden on the corner in the West Village. A secret hideaway of sorts where the noise from the streets seemed muffled by its quiet beauty, which is totally alright by me. It was chillier this particular day, but my light sherpa jacket and oversized beanie was just enough. No oversized coat required. No worries required. I love this city, hot or cold. Nothing will ever change that at least :)

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Marta said...

Great outfit, adore that jacket!

cherieedle said...

Love the whole outfit, everything from the beanie and the shoes! :)

Tusks and Tails said...

Love the wide pant!

Stephanie said...

Great look, lovin' that coat and beanie! :)


Laura Mitbrodt said...

you look so cozy, love your coat

Sophia Molen said...

Hey you beauty!

x Sophia

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Unknown said...

looking so cool in this outfit, Dylana

Unknown said...

Fantastic outfit!!!

Unknown said...

Really love this cute, casual look! The style of your photos are so beautiful too :)

Enclothed Cognition

Christianne said...

Great shots, nice jacket hun.
Xo, Christianne

Unknown said...

Lovely outfit, dear!

Kangkan Rabha said...

So stunning look and I really love your pictures. :)

thiang said...

PERFECT is the only way to describe your pics and the lovely clothings.

DEMELER said...

Gorgeous look! So cozy

Deasy Noel said...

Love the practicality of this outfit. And the photography - so spot on! Makes me want to fly to NY right now and enjoy the falling leaves <3

Caro said...

I love this relaxed look. The winter in Brixen Südtirol are very mild, too. I´m waiting for ice and snow and frosty nights. :)

Unknown said...

I love theses pictures and your outfit !


The Bandwagon Chic said...

Such a chic look
Love the beanie

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